Redefining Youth Soccer in Las Vegas

What is Youth Development Academy (YDA)?

Youth Development Academy is our focal point of which we place the majority of our resources and energy.

The program is unlike any other in town. We believe that players in this core age group (U7-10) are at a point in their lives where they're super coachable. They've got a great love and passion for the game and therefore are ready to be trained, and are receptive to new thoughts, movements and structured sessions.

We place the players within groups of equal ability. However, we also recognize that the players will go through huge developmental phases and therefore promote the opportunity for players to move freely throughout team rosters. Many of our players get a second game in when called upon should anyone be missing.

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coach david chatting with team

How Teams Are Formed

Teams are formed by attending evaluations/clinics in late May and early June. During these evaluations, our coaching staff gets a feel for where each player is psychologically, physically and technically. Those that score highest in all 3 areas are placed on our top team, so on and so forth.

When a parent commits to joining the Revolution, they do so with knowledge that their son/daughter is going to go through many changes throughout the year, come across struggles and have some great success too. Because of this, a player has no guarantee that they will remain on the team they're originally placed on.

Players are continuously encouraged to train hard, be respectful, attain good grades at school and strive to be better people. If they're falling short in any area, we will move them down to the next level until improvements are made. Anyone placed on a lower caliber team, assuming they're doing all of the above will be rewarded with a 'promotion' by moving up.

By doing this, we're able to offer all of our YDA players some good life lessons. You must earn the right to play at the highest level.  and you will be rewarded for your efforts.