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LV Revolution FC is an official partner with PUMA.

Below you will find our 2016-18 uniforms provided by

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Home Kit (Required by all players)

Home Kit

Practice Kit (required for ALL players)

Practice Kit

Away Kit (not required for '10/'11)

Away kit

Additional Gear (Tracksuit required except '10/'11)


What should I order?

All players born between 2009-2003 are required to purchase the following item

  • Borussia Jersey (Green) #703038_M0409F
  • Borussia Shorts (Green) #92136_M0409L
  • Borussia Jersey (White) #703038_M0409C
  • Borussia Shorts (White) #92136_M0409_M0409A
  • Team Jersey (Black) #701269_M04248
  • Team Short (Black) #701275_M0409E
  • Team Socks (Black, White & Green) #890152
  • Veloce Training Jacket (Black) #82810_M0409S
  • Veloce Training Pants (Black) #64576_M0409N

Players born in 2010-2011 should only purchase the following items

  • Borussia Jersey (Green) #703038_M0409H
  • Borussia Shorts (Green) #92136_M0409L
  • Team Socks (Black & Green) #890152
  • Team Jersey (Black) #701269_M04248
  • Team Short (Black) #701275_M0409E

All other items are OPTIONAL to purchase

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