Redefining Youth Soccer in Las Vegas


Select is LV Revolutions U11+ club program. This is where players officially 'tryout' in an attempt to secure a spot on a competitive team roster.

Those teams within our Select program practice 3 days a week. They're also a travelling team which means that if you're fortunate to be a part of LV Revolution, you're expected to attend out of State tournaments and events throughout the year. Our most competitive teams should expect to travel at least twice throughout the seasonal year (June-May)

Our vision is that U11 and U12 players still have much growth and development to encounter. Therefore, unlike everyone else in town, we feel it important to allow our 'B' team to train and be around the 'A' team as often as possible while still being sensitive to feeling part of a team. Our 'A' and 'B' teams will train together once a week, with that session being conducted by the lead coach in age group. This will allow the kids to be pushed a little harder, raise their game and know that there is competition for roster spots.

An important factor in playing for LV Revolution is knowing that rosters can (and will) be reviewed during the winter 'off season'. Therefore, fueling players with the drive to continue to train hard, and knowing that they can be rewarded for their hard work. This method also allows the more competitive players to strive to improve and not get complacent, as there are other players pushing to take their place on the 'A' team

Competition is an important part of development. Without competition, players lose the drive to excel and improve their game.



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