Redefining Youth Soccer in Las Vegas

"How much does club soccer cost?" is the first and most commonly asked question we get.


Revolution-Gunners aims to provide market-comparable pricing for our families. Club dues help us secure practice fields, hire the best coaching, and assist in general club operations.


Dues vary based on age groups. Competitive ages groups (U11+) practice more than younger ages (u10 and below), and pricing is structured to reflect those differences.


In addition to club registration and monthly dues, all families are expected to purchase a full uniform kit, pay league dues and tournament fees. A full breakdown of Revolution-Gunners club pricing is detailed at right.

Revolution-Gunners Club Pricing

Registration: $200

Monthly Dues:

  • 2011-2012: $45/mo
  • 2008-2010: $71/mo
  • 2007 and older: $98/mo

Uniform Kit and Practice Gear: Approx $200-225

League Dues: $100 per season (2x per year)

Tournament Fees: Approx $150 per season (2x per year) Depending on level and age

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