Redefining Youth Soccer in Las Vegas

The Revolution Difference

We make our decisions based on what's best for the player. With this in mind, the players can only improve if they're provided with the following:

  • Quality coaching
  • Playing time, and lots of it!
  • A fun learning environment
  • Access to additional training opportunities, and
  • Having the chance to be rewarded for success

The biggest thing LV Revolution has going for us is that we keep our rosters to a minimum. Meaning each and every player per team plays at least 90% of every single game! Now who else can guarantee that? Money doesn't drive us, development drives us and players simply cant develop if they're sitting on the bench...

We also hold opur players accountable. We promote a fun, competitive learning environment fir our players. When players work hard, play hard and show willingness to push themselves, we provide those players with the opportunity to play extra games. More playing time, more development.

Our rosters aren't fixed either. Therefore players who make our 2nd tier teams (known as the 'White Team') have the opportunity to move up to the 'Green Team' at any point during the season. likewise, players on the 'Green Team' are not guaranteed their spot in the squad. Everyone is encouraged to train hard, show respect and work hard at school. There must be reward for hard work, and consequences for those that take soccer for granted. We're preparing the players for the real world

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